Assembly Rings

Fitting O-rings for the assembly of gloves are available for all glove-box gloves and glove-sleeve systems. Of course, O-rings made of materials safe for dealing with foodstuffs in accordance with the FDA positive list are also available.

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Adaptor Rings
We supply fitting adaptor rings for attaching gloves to the gauntlet for all glove-sleeve systems. The adaptor rings made of plastic or metal are notable due to their triple-groove design, which enables the glove to be attached to the gauntlet safely by means of beaded cuff and an O-ring.

 Adapterringe 2 klein

Covering Caps
We supply covering caps made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber (EPDM) in the diameters 180 mm and 250 mm (oval). Such as with the glove-box gloves, these caps have a beaded cuff  to enable simple assembly, thus enabling the glove ports to be covered quickly and safely.

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