Reliable quality standards for safe production


We produce our approved glove-boxes and chemical protective gloves by means of a solvent dipping process. The JUNG GUMMITECHNIK dipping technology complies with state-of-the-art engineering thereby fulfilling the highest of quality requirements. Whilst manufacturing, we respect ecological and sustainable production processes with the help of modern production methods and the careful handling of resources.

 Produktion 2small

To guarantee a high quality and safe gloves, we have committed ourselves to observing uncompromising production controls: Certification according to DIN ISO 9001, taking customer standards into account as well as the GMP guidelines as a basis. For this reason all raw materials have been controlled. The controls are carried out on the basis of manufacturer Lot WPZ ("Werksprüfzeugnis" – Works Test Certificate) and rheological and mechanical material tests. All process parameters are documented carefully; the final product is controlled in detail. Material and permeation tests are carried out in our own company testing laboratory.


Testing and Labelling

The quality system for Jugitec® products allows the uninterrupted tracing of all materials, process and testing parameters – for each individual glove and for all users. Each delivery is accompanied by a testing certificate and information material.


Step 1

The glove is cleaned

 Reinigung klein

Step 2

100% visual control of the surface

 Sichtpruefung 2 klein

Step 3

Dimension control of the length, thickness (five points of measurement) and diameter of the beaded cuff

 Dimensionskontrolle klein

Step 4

Testing for air tightness according to testing procedure B and according to DIN EN 421

 Luftdichtheitspru?fung 3 klein

Step 5

Labelling of the type description, date of production and batch number

 Produktkennzeichnung klein

Step 6

Packaging in a suitable light-protected polybag

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