The brand Jugitec® stands for high quality gloves for protection against chemicals, for clean room or glove-box gloves. Thanks to special elastomer compounds and the highest of quality standards during production, these models are able to fulfil the various requirements demanded for fields of application and occupational health and safety standards.

Jugitec® gloves are put to use worldwide for glove-box and isolation technologies by leading companies operating in the chemical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries.

82 glovebox2 png
Jugitec® glove-box glove in use  
(Picture provided by courtesy of ART GmbH Anlagenbau Reinraum Technik)

produkt pharma

Jugitec® Pharma made of EPDM
Resistant against many oxidising chemicals, halogen-free, food-suitable, autoclavable, UV- and ozone-resistance, no electrostatic charging (if earthed) … more

produkt pharma plus

Jugitec® Pharma PLUS made of EPDM
UV- and ozone-resistance, resistant against many oxidising chemicals and hydrogen peroxide, halogen-free, food-suitable, autoclavable, double layer (black user side, white outside) … more

produkt b

Jugitec® B made of BIIR
Highly impermeable to steam, gases and a variety of toxic substances … more

produkt h

Jugitec® H made of CSM
High resistance against substances causing oxidation, against acids, bases, polar organic substances and ketones … more

produkt bh

Jugitec® BH made of BIIR with CSM coating
Especially resistant against ozone and acids causing oxidation, double layer (black user side, light outside) … more

produkt f

Jugitec® F made of FPM
Resistant against strong acids and bases, numerous toxic and aggressive chemicals, highly impermeable to gas, resistant against high temperatures … more

produkt bv

Jugitec® BV made of BIIR with Viton® coating (FPM)
Resistant against oils, a variety of solvents and aggressive chemicals, very high impermeability to steam and gases … more

produkt isoflex

Jugitec® ISOflex made of XSBR (new)
Resistant against hydrogen peroxide and isopropanol, food-suitable, latex-free, highly flexible material, highest dexterity, good mechanical properties, very good puncture resistance, good aging stability and ozone-resistance … more