Jugitec® Pharma PLUS - A glove made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber (EPDM)

The Jugitec® Pharma PLUS is made of Ethylene- Propylene-Diene-Rubber (EPDM). Unlike previous glove-box gloves, the material contents comply with the FDA positive list. The glove has a black user side and a white outside enabling the simple detection of damage to the outside (e.g. pinholes).

The use of the glove is not limited to pharmaceutical use; it is also safe for use with foodstuffs.
Another special feature is its halogenfree material quality, which allows it to be disposed of through incineration; it is also autoclavable.

Jugitec Pharma Plus


temperature range: from –20°C to +130°C

the content materials of the basis polymer in accordance with the FDA positive list

multiple autoclavable without becoming sticky and without having a negative effect on the permeation

resistant against hydrogen peroxide solutions and against most common disinfecting chemicals

UV-light and weather resistant

halogen free therefore disposable through incineration

very comfortable with high dexterity

black user side, light product side

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 374-1:2017  

Testing Chemicals Protection Index
P Hydrogen Peroxide 30% 6 (> 480 min)

In accordance with DIN EN 388:2003

Abrasion resistance Degree of protection 1
Cut resistance Degree of protection 0
Tear resistance Degree of protection 0
Puncture resistance Degree of protection 0
ISO Cut resistance Degree of protection X


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