Jugitec® Pharma - A glove made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber (EPDM)

The Jugitec® Pharma is made of Ethylene- Propylene-Diene-Rubber (EPDM). The glove is comfortable to wear therefore providing a very good dexterity. The content of the material conforms to the current FDA positive list, which in turn applies to the criteria for the pharmaceutical, medical and foodstuffs branches. Due to its good electrical conductivity the glove is also suitable for use in explosive areas. The Jugitec® Pharma is autoclavable. Sterilising tests have proven that the glove does not become sticky nor is there a negative effect on the permeation.

Jugitec Pharma


temperature range: from –20°C to +130°C

the content materials of the basis polymer in accordance with the FDA positive list

multiple autoclavable without becoming sticky and without having a negative effect on the permeation

resistant against hydrogen peroxide solutions and against most common disinfecting chemicals

UV-light and weather resistant

halogen free, therefore disposable through incineration

very comfortable with high touch sensitivity

electrical conductivity < 106 Ω, therefore no electrostatic charging (if connected with ground terminal)

low permanent deformation

in the case of increasing inner pressure a „point of tautness“ is reached quickly – therefore very suitable for leak-testing equipment for integral gloves

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 374-1:2017  

Testing Chemicals Protection Index
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% 6 (> 480 min)

In accordance with DIN EN 388:2017

Abrasion resistance Degree of protection 2
Cut resistance Degree of protection 0
Tear resistance Degree of protection 1
Puncture resistance Degree of protection 0
ISO Cut resistance Degree of protection X


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