Jugitec® Protective Working Gloves

Some Jugitec® series gloves are available as protective working gloves. Select from a choice of three material qualities depending on the properties required when working with protective gloves. The special gloves are fully anatomical and fit the requirements for the highest protection category III. They fulfil the requirements DIN EN 374-3:2003 ("Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms") and DIN EN 388:2003 ("Protective gloves against mechanical risks").


produkt pharma

Jugitec® Pharma made of EPDM
Resistant against many oxidising chemicals, halogen-free, food-suitable, autoclavable, UV- and ozone-resistance, no electrostatic charging (if earthed) … more

produkt b

Jugitec® B made of BIIR
Highly impermeable to steam, gases and a variety of toxic substances … more

produkt bv

Jugitec® BV made of BIIR with Viton® coating (FPM)
Resistant against oils, a variety of solvents and aggressive chemicals, very high impermeability to steam and gases … more

produkt bhv

Jugitec® BHV
Work glove with high UV- and ozone-resistance, highly resistant against oils, greases, solvents, acids, bases, esters and ketones … more

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