Special Types and Additional Options

Glove-Sleeve Systems

JUNG GUMMITECHNIK also offers all glove-box gloves as glove-sleeve systems. This applies to all versions of the Jugitec® series except for the Jugitec® BHV. A glove-sleeve system consists of a gauntlet, which is attached to the glove by means of an adaptor ring. The advantage of this system is that in the case of a glove being damaged, it is only necessary to replace the damaged glove. The gauntlet and adaptor ring can be used repeatedly.

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Roughening on the Exterior

All Jugitec® series gloves are available with a roughened hand surface (exterior). This makes working easier, especially with wet or slippery objects.

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Special Lengths

All Jugitec® series gloves are available on request in special lengths up to a maximum length of 920 mm.

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